Monday, 24 June 2019

Staff BBQ raises £105 for the garden THANK YOU!

Members of staff enjoyed a breezy sunny lunchtime in the garden last week.
Five minutes before the lunch bell, we had a downpour but luckily the sun shone for the whole BBQ event.
It was great to see so many folk enjoying the place...
...and thanks to everyone for helping to raise £105
A huge thank you to Sheila who came out of her recent retirement to do all the cooking!
Also to the S5 boys for getting the place looking tidy.
Having been rained off so many times recently, they really pulled out all the stops to get the grass cut.  They also helped set everything up and pack away so a great team effort.
Finally thanks to local firms for supporting our event with great priced delicious rolls and burgers and also to Jo Russell for the loan of her BBQ and windbreak - a life safer at the last minute!

We hope the money raised will help towards getting the path between the two poly-tunnels paved.  The weather this year is holding things up, but we live in hope of brighter days!

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

A busy 3 days of Activities

For the last three days of May, we had our WAP - Wider Achievement Programme.  Pupils were involved in a wide range of activities both on-site and away on trips.
The gardening group did some fantastic work.  We were out in the garden when it was dry and in the workshop or poly-tunnel when it rained.

On DAY ONE the shed got treated...
...along with the new mini-shed.
We cut chicken wire...
...stapled it to posts... make a new compost bay.
We started to turn the current compost pile into it.
The whole group also did some great weeding - to clear the raised beds.
They mulched with our home-made compost.
On DAY TWO it poured with rain so we found some designs on the computer...
...and created some "words of wisdom" signs for the garden.
They were painted on wood.
Everyone did a different design.

After watching a "SpringWatch" feature, we decided to go on a nature walk after lunch.  We spotted various beetles, worms, birds and some eggs laid on the underside of a leaf.  Then the sun came out so everyone cracked on with weeding and turning the compost!
DAY THREE was very wet, so everyone got their signs varnished then enjoyed some Mini-beastie Top-Trumps!
Meanwhile, Mr McColl helped with the bench that the S2 boys have been restoring.
Rachel and Cameron helped to mark...
...and drill the last remaining pieces of wood.
Later everyone helped outside... set up the BBQ and kitchen equipment
A huge thank you to Mrs Brown for taking charge of the BBQ
Everyone enjoyed the burgers despite the rain!
After clearing up and washing the dishes (thanks Ryan and Rachel for helping Mrs Brown!) we spent the afternoon in the poly-tunnel.  Folks took turns to play garden games round the table and sow seeds.  Thank you to the group for a great three days - I hope you enjoyed helping to maintain our garden space :) 

Friday, 24 May 2019

Garden acheivments recognised and a busy time for gardeners & wildlife!

This week, we received the RHS level 3 award in recognition of all the good work being done in the garden.  Well done and thank you to all pupils, staff and volunteers who have helped us achieve this.
Pupils (and sometimes an extra little helper) have been busy sowing seeds...
...which have germinated well...
...caring for seedlings...
...preparing growing beds for planting seedlings out...
...and generally maintaining the garden.
We've also been busy to benefit wildlife - here, a swift box is getting attached to the school building. 
We have put up a display all about these amazing birds (please feel free to take a leaflet about the Huntly Swift Group and their up-coming events) in the "Street" corridor.
We now have permission to play swift sounds in the early morning to attract the birds in the hope that they will scope out the nesting box for breeding next year!
Ross continues to work hard looking after plants and keeping the place tidy.
We have also attached wire around the bottom of the shed so any stray rabbits cannot hide under there!
Liz our ever-dedicated volunteer has also been in to put up the shed donated to us from B&Q Peterhead.  
Thanks to them!  This will hopefully get treated next week by pupils on the Wider Achievement Programme.
We also now have two permanent wooden gazebo frames which will be more sturdy than the metal & plastic ones.  This means we can leave the cover on for the season and people can enjoy some cool shade on hot sunny days :)
Carrying a bench up to the second gazebo at the end of the garden.